Failed Level 2 Band 9; Is there any sense in taking CAIA Level I in the meantime ?

danielcfcheng Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > MissCleo, what materials did you use to prepare > CAIA 1? I’v bought the course textbook ‘An intro > to core topics in AI’. Should I buy Schewser > material as well? I’d stick with Uppermark

erobak, I always have a problem defining outperformance with regards to consultants. There are good ones and not so good ones, but for me it is hard to get any more granular than that. On the CAIA, I used Schweser for Level I, for what it’s worth. Didn’t love it and don’t love the materials for Level II, but it got me through last year and I’m hoping the same applies this year. I really wish Stalla did materials for this exam.

big ML, agreed outperformance as consultant is damn hard to measure. Mainly you want to look for ones that don’t take money from managers to put them in searches, charge exorbitant fees, or are super lazy on DD i.e. Madoff

MissCleo, that’s exactly how I feel. It’s a shame that there’s not a more analytical approach to it because after the factors you mentioned it is all qualitative (basically, what firm you work best with or doesn’t put out totally crappy analysis).

Chandra - I think the answer is no to your original question. Don’t think that just loading up on certificates will help you. CAIA is a niche designation and unless you’re in that sector already, I don’t see what the benefit will be. Focus on your job and and preparing for CFA again.

Chandra274 - what are you looking to do with your career? That would give us all a better sense of if it makes sense to pursue the designation.

@CAIA guys… I failed CFA level 2 with band 10 this year, in my first go and I don’t want to study just for L2, the whole year…I am thinking for an additional qualification, perhaps its worth given my current experience and future aspirations. Currently, I am working as a Valuation Control analyst at a swiss i bank, where I am responsible for valuing the derivative positions of traders and report it to Risk management. Though I am not very clear but in future, as I am very young in the industry…just 18 months of experience. I would love to work as a consultant, having experience and knowledge about various asset classes. Is CAIA any worth for me? Please suggest.

FRM sounds more helpful both in the short and long run given what you have described, but the CAIA is probably easier.

Band 10 does suck, but the FRM seems better for you. The CAIA, you will see with tons of consultants and pension managers. If you don’t play in that space then go for the FRM.

is 40 the new 30?