Failed once but putting passing first try on linkedin - violation?

I just noticed someone who told me he had failed a level putting passing all three levels first attempt on his resume, is this a violation as per CFAI policy?

What a dbag. And likely a violation.


Yes, that is a violation.

Being a charterholder is impressive enough… does passing all on the first try really put you ahead of any other cherterholders when it comes to gettinga job?

No I don’t believe this is a violation. I believe violations only apply to misrepresenting your status in the program or abusing cfa credentials (superior performance etc). This is something that is completely unverifiable.

Of course it’s a violation: you’re lying.

Whether someone else can verify it or not is irrelevant.

It’s no different than putting on your résumé that you attended Harvard when, in fact, you never did.

Is there a reward if you report him?

No it is not a violation, you are not lying about credentials or status in the program. If the CFA is against lying in general…well every guy who has a “doctors appointment” suddenly is lying and in violation. Plus this is completely unenforceable, so who cares?

It’s a violation.

It IS a violation. and of course it is enforceable. Report him to CFAI, they will look him up, the PCP will get a nice letter. He’ll get suspended, and shazaam.

No they won’t, all they can do is verify you status in the program. Noting whether a candidate failed an exam would create distinction between those who went 3/3 and those who didn’t, something the CFAINSTITUTE will not do.

Standard 1.D - check it out

This is just sad.

The CFAI isn’t against lying in general or frankly any misconduct that isn’t related to the profession, but it is when it relates to one’s role in the investment industry, as this clearly does. THIS IS DEFINITELY A VIOLATION. How is this not enforceable?

But let’s turn this around, let’s say that the person being discussed actually did pass 3/3 but lied to you because they might’ve thought that you didn’t pass 3/3 and didn’t want to make you feel bad. The lie is just as much related to that person’s role in the investment industry as in the original example. Certainly the dishonesty is not being dispersed as widely as in the original example, but still, would it be a violation? Obviously, it would be harder to prove since there would be no documentation (if it was discussed orally), but I would argue that by the letter of the law it is. You don’t need to disclose whether you passed 3/3 to anybody, but if you do, it needs to be accurate.

All they will verify to someone who asks is a person’s status in the program. That doesn’t mean they don’t check other information for themselves. They have the exam results for everyone and know if he went 3/3 or not. If OP were to report him, CFAI could easily look at his results and if he didn’t go 3/3, politely ask him to change is Linked In profile to remove the inaccurate information.

How is it related to the investment industry? Does passing 3/3 give you superior abilities? Does it make you a more qualified or knowledgeable candidate?

This is is not enforceable because CFAi will not comment on whether the individual failed an exam.

The CFA charter is a professional designation. And as previously discussed, while the CFAI will not disclose one’s pursuit of the designation other than whether one is a charterholder or not to a third-party, I’m sure they have the records to verify whether someone went 3/3 for internal purposes.

Do us all a favor, if you please: e-mail CFA Institute with this question and get the answer straight from the stable.

Please let us know their reply.


It doesn’t matter if CFAI will publicly comment or not. Stating that you went 3/3 when you did not violates Standard 1 © - Misrepresentation because the person is making a misrepresention related to “other professional activities” and 1 (D) - Misconduct because he is engaging in professional activity that involves dishonesty, fraud, or deceit. Read Examples 2 and 3 for Standard 1 (D), neither has anything to do with actions taken related to the investment industry.