Failed Thread: 40/60/80 and Performance Bands

I’ll start: 40/60/80: 58 Performance Band: 8 Man, if I scored this badly, I wonder how bad were the lower performance bands? Also, my 40/60/80 last year was 66 (fail), so this is not encouraging.

64% Fail Performance Band : 10

60 fail and band 9

59% band 9 Just keep in mind that the whole 40/60/80 has some serious holes in it especially with a small sample size.

65% - Fail. Band 10. When is a retab ever overturned? When you think you made stray marks on the scantron? That kind of thing?

63% fail - band 9.

JDV has said that he’s never seen a retab turned over, if that means anything to you.

59.0% (Band 7)

Interesting no one below band 7 has posted. Most band 9’s and 10’s. Where are the others?

63 - Band 10 … is it possibility they gave everyone bands 8-10, to increase the likelihood of retabs (and therefore revenue)…or just everyone on here is pretty close because AFers are probably more committed than your average exam taker

so_fresh Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 65% - Fail. Band 10. > > When is a retab ever overturned? When you think > you made stray marks on the scantron? That kind > of thing? Band 10…fail, why don’t you pay the $100 and find out and let me know what happens =) almost identical mark as you…I think 3 to 4 more questions more could’ve have gotten us over, SOOO choked!!!

66% Band 10 to see that many Band 10 makes one reeeealllly suspicious.

To everyone who was close but didn’t quite make it; I was in your shoes last year. I had to have been within one to three questions from passing. I spent a few weeks being mad and trying to figure out how others with weaker ranges had passed and I didn’t. Gave some serious thought to not trying again. However, I received some words of encouragement from others in the industry that encouraged me to try again since I was so close and to make sure I put in the effort to pass. It wasn’t easy, but I gave up being angry and went to work studying. I was more frustrated with having to wait an entire year to try again with no guarantees I would pass. However, I made it my goal to score a 70 or better on the exam so I would not be at the CFAI’s mercy when they set the MPS. I must admit I went to Windsor and feel that made a huge difference in my preparation, but I also finished reviewing the material a month before the exam and worked practice exams and reviewed from the end of the Windsor workshop until exam time. I passed. You can too. You are so close and if you put the effort in again and make sure you take all the practice exams you can find, you will pass too. Shoot for getting a 70% or higher and try to learn the material so well that you are prepared for any tricks that might be thrown at you. If you follow this advice, you will pass this test next year. I know how frustrated you are right now and it is understandable. Take that frustration and use it to show the CFAI they can’t stop you from getting the charter. Good luck to all of you!

61% Band 10

Sorry for the stupid question, but how do you obtain your 40/60/80 score?

Got it, thanks. Not really sure that this methodology provides the real score, but it is probably very close to it. So using this methodology: 58%, band 7. Which sucks, since last year, using the same methodology, I got a 64% (no band given last year). Not the direction I like to see, and I thought I did better this time around. I guess not, back to the drawing board.

60 band 8

65%, band 10

64%, band 8