Failed Twice

Thinking about taking a year off from this BS. Any thoughts? My wife is about to say sayonara if I don’t next time.

your wife is about to say no if you don’t what? Don’t pass or don’t take this year off? If it is the latter, than maybe you should. But can you look yourself in the eye and say you actually studied at your full capacity? I think you could study 100%, and manage your personal life - but you must start studying NOW and be disciplined in your approach. I know we all say that we will do that, then end up cramming, but I’m just saying - It is possible to have both! Would hate to see you give up at the last step!

I was actually expecting to fail again this year; but I ended up passing with max in almost every category except for ethics. With that said, I don’t think this exam is a fair assessment of candidate’s actual knowledge of the curriculum. I’d say roughly only 35% of the actual curriculum is tested during the exam; the CFAI purposely does this to make the test unreasonably difficult. As far as your current situation, I would recommend focusing primarily on the end of the chapter CFAI questions. I think this is one of the best sources of preparation for the content and style of the actual exam. Cut them out of the books and just go over them once every weekend and I would think you would be strongly prepared for a pass next year with the least amount of preparation time.

No one said the road would be straight and narrow…let’s get ready for a challenge and meet it in 2010 now. My main issue is with time and freaking out with the questions on individual IPS.

I failed and i dont understant what to study next year. I opened the books and i knew excatly what it was, what it meant and how ro apply it. i dont understant how i am in band 2.

the first time was band 8, this time its 10…i dont work in equities or markets…although when i started that was the plan… somehow i can get time only in the last 15-20 days to look around this stuff(4-6 hrs)…hence i am just wondering if this degree even worth for me… the only reason i appeared 2nd time was to complete this degree…but seems that either i will have to spend at least a month to study or better still to just leave the L3 pursuit… i guess for me time will tell…

I failed this 4 times and I am still planning to sit for this next year. Can you help share with me your study plan in previous years and how you will do differently next year in the below post? Thanks much!!,1046393

I got the books from CFAI as well as Schweser, but still failed with band of 3. I put in about 300 hours and thought I did okay in the AM but not a chance. I’ll buy the books again and may Schweser since I get half off. I’m going to do more questions this time and try to improve my handwriting.

st6337 - think I will do the same and get CFAI text books and Schweser. Not sure if I will rely on CFAI, but I may use it as supplement for Schweser. You got Band 3 this year. Did you improve form last year?

No, actually it went from 8 to 3. That’s why I’m so frustrated, I knew the material and how to apply but it wasn’t good enough in the eyes of CFA lord.

Did you compare your test results to last year’s? Mine showed improvement in many categories but still Band 8… I believe the passing score got drifted upward as the PM section got easier due to 3 MC choices instead of 4. Therefore, if you did relatively the same as last year, you may actually get a lower band this year. I plan on completing all studying materials by mid-April, and use the remaining time to do nothing but nailing problems, past exams, and coming to this forum to discuss difficult topics with other candidates. You?

Yes, I plan on doing the same. I’ll be here discuss some area that I need help.

I share many sentiments here. First couple of tries I either didn’t put in the time or couldn’t due to other forces. The last couple of attempts I put everything I had into it and this past June, I was convinced I passed. I felt in control, ahead of the exam and I finished the afternoon session 45 min in advance (used it to check, not really change anything) where previously I needed an extra 45 minutes. I have no answer for what has gone wrong and I have run out of strategies to fix it. I see the scores and I just don’t believe them. I didn’t find the test difficult at the time but clearly I’m not providing guideline essay answers. I solved my issues in the afternoon but then the morning marks go way down. The partial credit aspect is fading in my view. The pass rate is frustrating but I didn’t think I would need a curve this year. 2 historic lows in 3 years with the middle being just a tad above the previous low. At least they have gotten consistent after periods of volatility. III was considered a cakewalk when I started this program but it has grown teeth in recent years. I’m done…at least for a year. Not worth it because I no longer see what I can do differently to guarantee a reward for the sacrifice. I need to do something else and come back fresh.

st6337- let’s touch base from time to time before next January. Here is my study plan for next year: - Schweser notes and video series - CFAI materials for unclear concepts - CFAI and Schweser end-of-chapter questions - practice exams, past exams, CFA sample exams - Intensive review course (3-5 days) - Analyst Forum

onon12-Sounds great! I’m thinking about doing the same, I’ll knock this off for good next year!