Failing CFA while being a student = not being very smart

If you are studying finance/econ at university and you take CFA at the same time, then - assuming nothing unexpected happens in your life - you should succeed. If you don’t you just don’t have the smartness that it takes to succeed in IB/AM. People who work full time on the other hand, I can understand that sometimes it can be hard to make both of them work. Oh, and about that “I have kids and a wife and blablablah…” who tf still dates marries in 2k2x10 ? Y’all just a bunch of beta males tbh. Bang them and be out the door in a minute, like srsly ffs.

^You’re an asshat.

It’s not matter of smartness but of mixtures of efforts and lucks.

Efforts and smartness dude. You have to be at least somewhat smart to understand the concepts. I’m absolutely not saying that it’s rocket science but efforts only get you nowhere.


You need a very, very large brain.

Y’all salty af

you can’t even respond to my arguments because y’all know deep down that I’m right.

Move to the Water Cooler OP. See how far your poor attempts to troll get you. I doubt S2000 will allow incels to roam the CFA boards for long.

Ay, mijo!! :confused: :-1: