ok, this is freaking me out some people who seem very strong this year on the forum didn’t past last year (hezagenus, flapechino for example) how has preparation your differed: practice exam scores, hours logged, etc… I feel like we are in for a wild ride…,595262,page=1

Don’t look at that now. Now you are trying to build your confidence.

because 2 years of studying > than 1 year.

There are quite a few smart people on this forum. There are some things discussed here that I frankly dont even know if its part of the CFA curriculum, which accentuates my misery as am finding it dificult to recollect the material. Am ignoring such posts and trying to stay focussed as possible. Keep your aim at passing the exam and not outsmarting/outthinking the people here. Life is very very long. Trust me, you"ll get your 15 mins to shine. If you have put in the effort, am sure you will be fine.

I look at CFAI exam as a something i would do on a sunday afternooning when i will retire at 60 with noble prize in economics…

3rd&long, nothing in this forum matters regarding scores, i would not freak out i remember plenty of smart people in level 2 forum last year, when I joined this forum, and I was thinking exactly like you. they were clearly ahead of me… and some of them failed but nobody knows what will be in the exam, perhaps you nail it, perhaps we all nail it, or perhaps we are all screwed, you know I also remember some friends of mine after doing the exam last year, thinking that they failed… and some of them passed we still have 3 weeks, you should not worry, really by the way: regarding how “good” anybody can seem in this forum… take into account that a lot of people can post things here… with the books in front of them :slight_smile:

Also remember that you can be 100% confident in 50% of the material but they may test mostly the 50% you don’t know and fail! Ok, what I’m trying to say is sometimes you can be totally prepared but the topics that you were weak on end up getting tested b/c in the Cosmos you pulled the short straw.

FAIL is the new CFAI.

I increased my daily dose of fish oil from 2 to 3. I’m hoping that the extra omega-3s will give me an edge.

I just got a huge container of Fish Oil from Costco just because I saw all these “Asians”, buying huge quantities of it, I figured, it must be good for you, then my wife asks me “What the he** is that, what does it do?” I had no answer, except to read the label :slight_smile: … Does it actually make you smarter ? If I start giving it to my kids now, will it make a difference or is it too late?

Hoan0106 you’re doping! I’m gonna get you drug tested for performance enhancing drugs…

I believe that fish oil works by making the body’s vasculature more elastic, thereby making it easier for the heart to pump oxygen rich blood the the brain. So it benefits both the heart and the brain through this mechanism. (i.e. exercise can do the same thing)

I take them since I dont like FIsh and they are supposed to be good for you – if you dont mind the taste of constantly burping a Filet-O’Fish…

I got some ‘Bacopa Monniera’ from the herbal store, it’s supposed to support my brain function, my friend swears by it. I’m not taking any chances that’s for sure.

I was almost going to buy this one. Higher mind — for healthy brain function. I need to function my brain. If this can boost my memorization and concentration… or I also thought of going on a fast. Heard it will really clear your brain. 3&L gee, you went to a very old thread …

we talk about pretty much everything here… lets not leave anything uncovered … i like these threads more vis-a-vis ones on delta hedging :slight_smile:

Be your own judge…and on your own risk: As to brilliant ones failing, I think hara-madrid and bigwilly summed up well.

I refuse to even mention the F word right now. Yes, I am unfortunately repeating this year. I’m sure many others here are as well, whether they say it or not. Last year was a beast with some questions out of left field, at least to me. The fact that I didn’t pass an exam doesn’t bother me as much as having to spend another frakkin’ spring doing this all over again. Hopefully none of us here are going to be here next year in the same capacity. This year, I am more focused on trying to understand the material as opposed to memorizing lists and formulas. I am still going to memorize things when necessary but I am trying to understand the underlying concepts of the formulas. This is the first year I’ve really looked at the CFAI texts closely and they do a better job of this than Schweser. As I went through the CFAI texts, I found all sorts of little nuggets that I thought could crop up on the exam, and plenty of things that Schweser just glossed over. I am now a believer in the texts. This test is a crap shoot in terms of the material they test you on so covering as much as possible is the only true way to hedge your outcome. The exam is highly qualitative and there is a lot of minute details they can ask. Last year, you needed your calculator on maybe 10% of the exam. I expect the same this year. If there are a few areas to focus on at this point, I would say Ethics, GIPS, and the Individual and Institutional Investor topics. These topics will probably be 40-45% of the exam.

hezagenius - It was pretty surprising when you didn’t pass last year. I doubt very much you will have to spend “another frakkin’ spring doing this all over again”.

Thanks for the words, Joey. I’m hoping to be here next year handing out advice instead of looking for it.