Failure bands

i guess thats good enough reason to look forward to for people like me who saw option 3… want to see how more effort needs to go in to clear the level

Pull your pants up, act like a man… You want to be a PM - how would you react the day after you buy a name and it blows up 30%? Yes, it will happen. And tons of good luck!

Your options right now are about as usefull as Bre-X shares and used lottery tix. This is the real game son. I don’t like the band idea, it seems to be a no win. I do however like knowing the exact rough minute I will have closure.

thanks CFA atlanta… best of luck to u too

JJB…lets hope that it was just a glitch and we both pass…i also saw 3 …infact I was the first one on the L3 forum to write about it.