Failure vs. No-Show: To Take or Not to Take the Exam

Are the consequences of failure worse than no-show?

I see the value of going through the exam and gaining live performance experience for the next test.

However, if a failure on record would hurt employment opportunities in the future, I would favor not attending.

Companies have ways to track these records, I believe, and my instinct is that a failure is worse than a no-show. Am I correct in this?



Failure’s not worse than not showing up.

Heads-you-win, tails-you-tie.

Take it.

There is no real difference. CFA doesn’t release who’s at what level. The only real “benefit” is that you can say without lying “i passed on the 1st attempt” if you decide not to show up if you feel unprepared. and then showed up when fully prepared and pass it.