Fair Dealing vs offering different service levels

I am really confused about this point after I did the afternoon session of the practice exam 2 in Vol 2. it is Question 13.4. So offering different service levels is acceptable as long as they are offered to all clients. however, in the answer that Schweser provides for this question it says that “It is not the existence of different service levels that violates Standard III(B) but the fact that trade allocation policies between the service levels are unfair” Does this mean that no matter which level of service you are subscribing to, the IPO allocation should always be prorated based on original order amount? So even you pay big bucks for premium service, you can not get IPO allocation ahead than other people who subscribe to only basic package? Thanks!

That is correct, Nor can you get preferential timing on trades.

yes, it’s one thing to provide a different level of service, it’s another to not offer hot IPO stock.

Yes Trades must be allocated FAIRLY Regardless of how much is paid. But different levels of service, say presentations, conference calls, etc can be added into Price paid by clients as long as its diclosed.

Different levels of services has to be disclosed

i thought as long as you disclose it you can allocate IPOs based on $$$ paid.

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