Fair Dealing

According to Standard III(B) – Fair Dealing, members and candidates are allowed to offer different levels of service , but must offer all levels of service to all clients. WHAT DOES IT MEAN BY THE SECOND HALF??

you can tell all of your clients that different (better) services are available you can not tell ONLY to your best clients that “if you also pay XXX, you can also get this special service” tell it to everybody, and then some of them will have it and some others won´t

FAIR DEALING Each client has unique needs, investment criteria, and investment objectives so that not all investment opportunities are suitable for all clients. In addition, members and candidates may provide more personal, specialized, or in-depth service to clients willing to pay for premium services through higher management fees or higher levels of brokerage. Members and candidates can differentiate their services to clients, (of course, you can recommend high risk to hi net worth client who can take higher risks ) but different levels of service must not disadvantage or negatively affect clients. (aha, ) In addition, the different service levels should be disclosed ( here is the key, ding ding ding, disclose it that you have different LEVELS of service !!! )to clients and prospective clients and be available to everyone (i.e., different service levels should not be offered selectively).

Basically, if you have different levels of service, everyone should know (or be able to find out easily) what those levels are, what benefits they provide, and what is required to obtain them, letting the client choose whether it is worth the money or not to get a higher level of service.