FAJ or CFA Magazine?

Woody posted this in the GD thread. He got two different replies from two different people. I figured those at the WC would be far wiser. (And I’m also curious.)

When we become holy and blessed Charterholders, do we get subscriptions to either of these magazines, or any others? Do we pay for them, get a discount, or is it included with our annual dues to CFAI?

I am not yet a charterholder, just a regular member (meaning I met all the work requirements and pay dues). I recieved a copy of FAJ in the mail this past week, so I am assuming it is free to members as I did not request to receive it.

I got a copy so I’m pretty sure if you are a charterholder and a memeber then you get it.

It seems unlikely that you have to be a charterholder to get it - after all, if you are not a charterholder, there must be some benefit to forking out the cash for membership dues - over and above the CFA Jobline.

Yeah, you’ll get subscriptions to both. I find that the FAJ is an excellent sleeping aid. I usually fall asleep befoer completing the first page of any article in the mag.

I can’t quite put my tongue on it, but something about the acronym “FAJ” is not rubbing me the right way.

I receive both and am not aware of an option to reduce my annual dues by declining either. In fairness though, my employer pays my dues so I really don’t pay much attention to the invoice.