Fall in Employment first since 2003!

Economoy lost 4k jobs against expectations of 100K gain. yen is now at 114! Fed might be now agressive on cutting rates, I guess Is a recession coming?

I think this is probably the beginning; however, with the downward revision to prior months, we saw today, an upward revision wouldn’t be out of the question…

Everyone stock up on gold, guns and canned food. Grab the kids and hatch down the cellar and remember to take your “Mandarin for Dummies” book. It’s the end of the world!

If the Fed cuts they are acknowledging we are heading for a recession. Oil is above $75/bbl, wheat is above $8/bu and copper is above $3/lb. With all the inflationary pressure we face, a cut would be a clear signal that they can’t defend the dollar because they have to defend the economy. Like the others have said, buy gold.

yeah, seriously though, buy gold~! All I know is I am going shopping again in the U.S. this fall if the Fed cuts rates. My dollar will be worth more than yours, woo hoo! Went last weekend to NH, man, things are so much cheaper between an oncoming recession and the value of the CAD

I’m moving to Canada. Frank, where do you live?

Yep, I’ve bought some gold. Should probably buy a little more.

Don’t worry. The Fed will be dropping more money from a helicopter in a couple of weeks and solve everything.

here you go, sell upside calls, buy PBR (the stock) and PBR (the beer)