Falling asleep on June 6th

The question might be a bit premature, but is anyone worried about anxiety preventing you from falling asleep the night before? I mean, it’s a haunting thought that I will be staring at my clock which says 03:30. I think I popped a Sominex last year but I don’t plan on doing that again this year. How do you guys cope?

not me I sleep like a baby

It’s the other way around for me. I am always worried about overrunning the clock. I really don’t know when I snooze my alarms by 1 hour and reach office an hour late. Hope this doesn’t happen on the exam day.

It is generally a good practice to re-read the Standards of Practice Handbook the day before the exam. That’s what I did last year and it put me right to sleep (after I finished it). Very helpful the next day - it bought me a couple of extra correct answers on Ethics.

^ and ofcourse it make you fall asleep much faster than counting the sheep jumping the fence onto an appe orchard.

SEX, followed by a sensual massage, followed by more sex… …repeat as needed till you fall sleep like a baby…

i dont worry at all coz i will take exam on June 8th, hahah…

Does this require being client number 9? N.VanCandidate Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > SEX, followed by a sensual massage, followed by > more sex… > …repeat as needed till you fall sleep like a > baby…

Honestsly, I don’t know how you work in finance wihout having a good pharmacist. Is the CFA exam more worrisome than lots of other things going on in your job? If it is, you cana look forward to lots more stress from things that directly impact your paycheck. If I had trouble sleeping before the exam, I would open the pharmacy drawer and solve the problem. Ambien, alprazolam, alcohol, advil… (and that’s just the A’s)

I remember the night before level 1 last year; had my head been analysed by an MRI scanner (or the like), the physician would have been blinded by the sheer magnitude of brain activity… I mean, my brain was in absolute overdrive!! Come the morning of 1st June 2007 I was runnning on pure adrenaline, I had to have an expresso in between the am/pm session to keep myself fired up since I was starting to suffer somewhat… This year, I’m going to read very little the day before the exam, don’t want to be knackered come 7th June!! Sex and sensual massages until I fall asleep content really ought to do the trick this year!!

Ambien. I’d be totally screwed without it.

Thankfully I have a few Ambien left from going to India in Feb/March, and will put it to use that night.

Dude, is the Ambien really useful? I had sleep problem during the level I. I only slept for 2 hours and worried as hell.

I hardly slept a wink the night before LI. Other than the fact that I was staying in a smelly LaQuinta, my thoughts were racing all night long working problems in and out of conciseness, repeatedly reminding me of all the things I was not sure of. I thought my heart was messed up or something because it wouldn’t stop beating fast. However, the morning of the exam I loaded up on coffee and the caffeine and adrenaline carried me the rest of the way. I am sure that the night of June 6 with be much of the same. I wouldn’t take a sleep aid. Those things put me in a fog.

Glad to know we are not alone here …

Ambien doesn’t knock me out like a tranquilizer, but can help me fall asleep. I do worry about being foggy, but being that there’ll be a couple hours in between waking up, driving to the test center, getting there early, etc, I’m sure it’ll wear off. My dr. also gave me Provigil for the trip to India (helps you stay awake) to deal w/ the time difference…not sure if that would be good to take or not.

1 oz of Scotch does the trick for me…1 small ice cube

JoeyD, my pharmacy drawer has stuff that do the opposite of falling asleep for me. I’ve never heard of Ambien. Going to do some research on it. Is that stuff OTC and is it safe for first time users?

Not over the counter. Just don’t pull a “Heath Ledger”

falling a sleep on the 6th ??? or maybe falling a sleep on the 7th at the exam??? I think with my sleeping pattern i would be more worried about getting to the exam on 7th in time or staying awake at the exam once I get there…LOL