Falling Knives

So, what’s everyone waiting to hear before they foray into financials? Warren thinks its ripe. Anyone feel brave enough to call a bottom? A week or two before the election is my guess. Political uncertainty can’t help, and markets in general like to pop after an election. Banks plowed money into both campaigns this year, so they’ve got friends on both side of the aisle. When do YOU call a bottom?

When the BKX banking sub-index outperforms the broader S&P500 for at least three/four weeks. Willy

i am with willy. financials were never my thing, am long XLF for longer term recovery play, but i will admit i am not versed in this stuff. i am also the type who meshes my contacts and what the market is telling me before i make a move. no way, today is the bottom for financials…i mean, look at the names getting clipped. people arestill firing first, asking questions later – no prudent person would act in this market. wait till indicators like willys materialize…