Family Foundations

Family foundations can accept donations from which of the following groups of individuals: A) Family B) Public C) Corporations D) All of the Above

d? i.e. bill and melinda gates foundation?

Answer is A - Family. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is self-funded. They don’t accept donations from the public. But good example.

Yeah… i remmeber reading that some types of foundations cant accept donations from outside… pimp can you remind me?

didnt buffet donate his berkshire stock to it when he goes?

Public - can receive from public Corporate - funded by corporation and employees Family - restricted to family donations only

i don´t find this anywhere, i think anybody can donate whatever to a private foundation, as long as the IPS or the document rulling how the foundation works clearly says that no outside donations are accepted

these last minute little quizzes are much appreciated… thanks

yes, specially in multiple choice format :slight_smile: no, seriously, this is anti-nature: if somebody sets up a private foundation to support some “good” cause (charity, education, hospitals, or whatever), can not see why they can not accept donations from outside contributors “per se”, unless specified in their documents can you tell us where did you get this from, pimp? thx