"Family of Florida boy killed by Neighborhood Watch seeks arrest"

So, neighborhood watch is going around shooting people now? It might be just me, but “vigilante rednecks with guns” is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of safety in residential areas…


So sad. At least if the guy wanted to play the self-defense card, he should have taken 30 minutes to read and make sure he knew the necessary elements to support the legal self-defense argument in court and get away with it. Idiotic.

The race card gets way overplayed in this country, but this just reeks of white racist sees young black man on his street and fires away.

Yep, hope this guy gets put away. This stuff is BS, you have to be a nosy, self righteous alarmist douche with a major paranoia complex to want to be in neighborhood watch (esp the captain) to begin with. Agree with Higgmond on this one about looking like a racially motivated incident.

I’m a gun owner, but was always raised to never shoot unless you absolutely had to. Even if you have an intruder, you stick your own neck out and make sure there’s an actual violent threat and not just some guy trying to run off with your TV (not something anyone should die or even get wounded over). I really hate when scared people hide behind their guns, half the time they wind up endangering or hurting family members by accident rather than actually defending the home.