Fantasy Premier League


I was quite happy to see the fantasy football league in wc forum but turns out it’s fantasy american football, and not the real football.

So here’s the link for fantasy premier league (EPL) if you are into it

See you there.

What’s your starting XI look like?

Mine is:

GK - Simon Mignolet - Liverpool D - Alex Bruce - Hull City D - Pablo Zabeleta - Man City D - John O’Shea - Sunderland M - Aaron Ramsey - Arsenal © M - Kevin Mirallas - Everton M - Alex Sanchez - Arsenal M - Wayne Routledge - Swansea F - Danny Welbeck - Man United F - Sergio Aguero - Man City F - Diego Costa - Chelsea

Not final. Might switch out Mirallas.

Anyone else play this? Start a league maybe?

I’ve tried this with friends in the past. Tends to lose it’s luster after some time.

Just checked out the scoring system. 2 points for playing 60 or more minutes? A midfielder getting points for a clean sheet? Really? Soccer just isn’t well suited for fantasy, so they shouldn’t even try.

Agreed, although I didn’t look at the sheet.

Really, you’ve got two guys on a team that probably do 90% of the scoring, and one guy who does have a defensive statistic. Other than that, you’ve got a bunch of guys who are largely unquantifiable. It would be like doing fantasy American football with a safety, a quarterback, and nine offensive linemen.

Does football (soccer) not track stuff like tackles or what not? Those could be integrated as stats. Could add value to a defensive midfielder or back. Like 1 pt for a tackle, -5 pts for a yellow card.