Fapping Parties

Haha me too! But I was a bit younger (than the characters) at a time… I remember me and gfs were puzzled why they wouldn’t take the socks off?

Is that the movie where the virgin gets HIV?

^^ Yep. The “life is not fair” kind of message…

Never saw the movie, but it sounds really cheery. I think it’s scary because we probably all know some people who are like that. And remember that AIDS was still a death sentence when that movie was made.

Here’s a synopsis.


Youtube also seems to have the full-length film on it, if you search for it.

I had to view that in my 8th grade health class. The teacher effectively scared us all away from sex stating:

1 in 4 people have herpes

1 in 10 have HIV

1 out of 3 people will contract a STD

Essentially, she said you would die if you had sex before marriage.

Yes, the death sentence was the scariest message… But also the reality and proximity of all of it: they did a good job portraying the characters as “kids next door”.

I remember we had those classes (stupidly) separate from the boys… And most of the teacher’s talk was telling us her experience with pregnancy/giving birth. Pretty much the least interesting topic at a time.

They basically used pregnancy, not STDs to scare us off…

I think I was more worried about getting beaten to death by a punk kid with a skateboard in Central Park.


^^ This. I haven’t seen the movie, but saw that described in the Wikipedia article and it scared me just reading it. Reminded me of the scene from Lean on Me where the teacher gets his head repeatedly smashed into the cafeteria floor by a student.

In theory, not having the boys in class would make you much more likely to be honest and willing to ask questions.

In theory yes, but most of us were still too shy… But I guess it would have been completely useless with them.

My boy from growing up looked just like Casper from that movie. He got addicted to drugs and we had an intervention, so maybe he resembled Casper in more ways than one.

Oh, and Sweep. You want to avoid Washington Square Park…Central Park has/had far fewer skaters.

No wonder you have trouble relating with guys.