Fapping Parties


According to Phineas, the goal of a masturbation party is to help normalize sexual behavior, and to combat the negative, puritan view of the body that still holds sway in much of the West. “We wanted to make self-pleasure a positive, non-threatening, socially acceptable activity that people could talk about without feeling like were going to be hunted down by a shotgun wielding Jesus. That’s why we organize these parties where people masturbate in public – it’s our way of telling everyone that Jesus isn’t going to hit them with a baseball bat just because they jerk off.”

Wow…that’s just…wow

Also that picture might be worthy of a NSFW

That sounds awesome - me and a whole bunch of girls fapping together. Wait, that’s what they mean, right?

I wouldn’t want to be the janitor there.

I have a feeling Drago is gonna have extensive knowledge about this…

How does that not turn into an orgy?

Yea…if its coed…how does it not turn into an orgy…?

No homo?

What a sodomy! burn them all alive while they are fapping each other!

Not a lot of diversity in that photo. Though it’s worth pointing out that fapping doesn’t appear to be entirly a DIY activity there, which does suggest interesing things.


Ok, I just looked at the picture and that is clearly an orgy, not a fapping party.

AF is clearly now a Fapping messageboard…

Adult friend finder ad clicks > Schweser

KaChing! You’re welcome Chad

I cannot see the article here. Can someone describe what is going on? I am particularly interested in positioning, since presumably, this is a sausage fest and we don’t want to aim at each other.

You rest your back against the back of another man. That’s less awkward right?

Whoa dude, just saw the pic… there might be one fat guy fapping in the corner, everyone else is straight 4play’n like my man R.Kelly or bump’n uglies. Even the fat dude with the chin strap/neck beard has himself a little russian looking dime.


Definitely an orgy.

The skinny dude in the lower right hand corner is banging a piece intently - is there a big hairy leg involved in that fapping as well?

I think she is leaning on that leg?

This pic reminded me of the movie “Kids” (that’s I think what it’s called in English. I saw it back in Russia)

All I could think was they are just children, and what their parent would think if they knew? Man, I am getting old!

It looks a bit like its been photoshopped.

That movie scared the hell out of me. Not exactly sure why, but I found it terrifying.