fared poorly on PM in 2009 rather than AM!

Anyone else around who did badly on the multiple choice paper last yr but managed to do pretty ok with the essays? If you are, please let me know what did u do diff this time around? i was perplexed to see i screwed up on multichoice!

I retook and passed the exam last year, after finishing in band 9 the year before. My advice to you would be to do only revise end-of-chapter problems and examples in the text books now. For me, that was the difference. I finished the PM session in 1.45 hrs, and spent rest of the time going over the questions again.

A lot of people are mentally and physically exhausted by the time the PM section arrives. So although it’s multiple choice, your brain might not be operating as effectively as it was in the AM, leading you to make careless choices among the “near” answers that CFAI provides. If you have the time, I would recommend doing simulated six hour mock exams with both AM and PM sections to help you build up the mental and physical endurance that is necessary for test day. Good luck!

i realised going through the EOC questions once again would be a good idea so i’m sticking to that along with my revisions… also, i am doing the sample and the mock and past 3 exam essay questions. i generally dont dig much into mocks/samples … that makes me saturated with the whole ‘exam feeling’ and i get bored by the time the actual exam arrives. but that’s just me! thanks abacus & Famosa