Farewell Daj and LII eager beavers

Daj, I wish you best of luck in your studies at Level II. You have entertained me immensely over the past couple of weeks. Made me laugh in a time of stress. Crushin Nattys…making it rain… Good luck and keep on keepin’ on. MT

i just read from another thread that daj is 30? is that true?? From the crushin nattys to makin it rain I thought he would be more like 24.

18 with a fake ID seems more plausible to me

Please do not remind those who have to go to 2009 lev 2 that daj will be around …thats being rather cruel

so it’s clear that Daj has an alias named misterfridge…

hey guys, thanks for the wishes. I am actually 29. and i only have one ID. I am glad i made some of you laugh. i like to have fun, but also work hard. now that scores are out, etc, it is all serious from here on out. good luck to all as they pass to round 3. I look forward to working with level 2 people, whether they are “first timers” like myself or veterans. I know level 2 is hard and I ,too, have friends who got devastating news today and had to tell wives, friends, and bosses/PMs/fellow analysts. see you soon