Is anyone else seeing this???

After 24 years of operation, AnalystForum will be shutting down on July 1st. Thanks for making AnalystForum a great place over the years!
Chad Sandstedt

Me sad.


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What? Why? I will also be sad :frowning:

I believe that everyone else is.

I’ve been here just over 10 years. It’s sad to see it go.

Someone told me that I should see if I can collect some of my posts to put on my website, lest they fade into oblivion.


I’ve received a lot of feedback on this so I am going to keep AF on throughout the summer. You may be seeing some new ads on the site to help pay some of the hosting bills though.


Hi Chad,

It would be easy for me to install Discourse and host the forum on one of our servers.

Feel free to reach out if that could help.


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Farewell other users, AF has been a great forum and you all will be mist



Thanks for running this site for all these years Chad.
I hope you guys find a way to continue. If more ads make it viable, that would be good.

Long ago, when CFAI was still AIMR and before analystforum became what it is today, there was another site Charterstuff Chatter, run by a CFA charterholder Mr Dugan (who also taught at the Schweser Windsor (Canada) course). When Mr Dugan decided to hang it up, Chad and his site came to the rescue.

End of an era

So where are we supposed to go to sh!te post about finance from here on out?

Don’t close it, please?

ROFL I’ll miss you all. It’s been lit playas. Hmu if y’all ever want to chill.

Wow. How am I supposed to find a study group after I fail L2 this fall?

Still going. Thank you Chad for all of it!

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Come on over to Wall Street Oasis

when you in nyc>

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Is the AF migrating to some other site? This cannot and should not happen; it’s sacrilege.