fast n furious: times square edition

The cop reached for his gun, to shoot the car?

He’s going to have the **** beat out of him when the cops find him.

And when you’re a cop, you know, they just let you do it…

All they gotta do is turn off the cameras, say you were resisting, and break out the batons!


Totally normal thing to joke about. Then again you are the sucker who cheers on government. Might as well throw the militarization of our police on top of it.

Cant do the time? Don’t do the crime! That’s what Facebook comments have taught me.

You joke, but Tuesday night, my camera actually failed. Turned it on at the beginning of the incident, it got knocked off during a scuffle, and seemingly landing on a tile surface made it do… Something. Record light stuck on, not responsive to pressing any buttons. Had to hard reset it twice just to get the power button functional. Put it on the docking station, uploading light came on, but there was no video for me to tag with a case number and details.

Strange. Anyway, some of those cases where there’s no video due to “malfunction” may not be horse excrement after all.

^ You’re a cop? Or were you filming another incident and got caught in the scuffle?

^WORLD STAR moment!