Fasting while waiting the Results!


If I had a chance to be in front of Kaba, I would also pray for the CFA exam among other hundreds of prayers. Allah doesn’t set limit anyway on how many things we may want.

I fastned in Istanbul and it was relatively hard compared to Moscow. The weather in Moscow was like autumn during the Ramadan, which made the fastning really easy since I haven’t felt thirst or hunger practically. Last year wasn’t this good. Therefore, I can’t really understand how difficult it is to keep fast in hot temprature. But in Russia fastning is between 3 am-10 pm this year, so it was really long.

Anybody gonna attack a US embassy if they fail?

(If this NSA is reading this, this a a joke)

Hey TRH, ur status is LMC or SRP under candidates resources?

Every thread in AF is becoming LMC or SRP :slight_smile:

I’ve got no idea what you guys are talking about. I’m not smart enough.

The Righteous,

it’s a bad joke. You are a level 3 candidate, you gotta know better than that!

If it helps, i’m going to invade a small oil rich nation if I fail. (I’m American)

fasting here as well - and in Dubai, the time at which they would send the results would be exactly 1 hour before breaking the fast LOL

Same here, I am actually thinking of checking my results after Iftar

Results almost 3 hrs before iftar… Tuna and rice here i come … :stuck_out_tongue:


You won’t wait until after iftar and you know that :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t pig out before checking your result, it could lead to vomiting :-).

What is lmc and srp

Tuna and rice I had in a wadi between madinah and Makkah was good (well maybe because I was ravenously hungry)

When waiting for L2 result few weeks back (2 hours after Iftar) I couldn’t eat anything in Iftar. Cud only have hot sweet tea. Was nauseous… After finding out I passed I dragged my husband to nearest curry /Padang food restaurant. That was a great celebration… Forget all about dieting. I never tasted beef rendang curry to taste that good cheeky

almost 1 hour to result and 2 to Iftar here.

Iftar is at 7:30 pm over here and 1 more hour to results (its 3 pm).


Allah listened to my prayers. Good luck to all!!

My prayers were also answered. I thank Allah! Passed on my second attempt. Can’t even describe how happy I am :slight_smile:

All praises to Allah our creator and sustainer i prayed to Allah whole heartedly and crushed level 2 now same for level 3… it was tough to while fasting waiting for results on july 23rd first the stress then complete euphoria after passing all too much to handle while fasting lol but glad i pulled it through one more to go

you better finish level3 next year, else you may end up taking exam while fasting :slight_smile: