Fasting while waiting the Results!

For Muslims the Holy Ramandan month have already started. Like most muslims, I also fasting. It’s harder for me to think about the exam results than to fastin. For those of you who don’t know: fasting means simply not eating or drinking (not even a drop of water) from sunrise to sunset.

Unfortunately, I failed Level 3 last year, so waiting this year’s results is even harder for me. In my experience, I gained a lot from my candidacy in the CFA program: both knowledge and respect from others. At the same time, the preparations took a big toll in my life: my time, my health, my psychological situation (especially the failure) and I’m not even mentioning the money.

Was it worth it? - Hell, yeah. I loved the journey and I pray that it ends well.

I really thought while reading the title post that you were so excited to fasten the seat belts for the results.

It’s fasting, not fastening. I hope it goes will for you this year!

Yea fasting was what he meant! I hope you pray enough to get a pass this time around. I guess the fast will help keep your mind on something greater than mundane achievement like the CFA. In the end, all, including the CFA is vanity.

yeah fasten ur seat belt for the ride

We’re in the same boat then. Im fasting, failed last year and hoping to pass this year… though i really doubt it.

I was gonna stop over In Dubai this week, but now I won’t, thanks to your reminder that its ramalamadingdong month.

Hope we all pass, inshallah cfai!

Eid mubarak lord of war and Bilal. Wishing u all the best

You too ninini :slight_smile:

I was fasting when i got my result (level II); and surprisingly passed : )

it was 1 hour before sunset, I was shocked for half an hour! I forgot what did we have for Iftar I don’t think i was hungry at all

Good luck in advance for level III candidates hope all of you pass

and Eid Mubarak in advance

Eid Mubarak to to all of you!

I guess the result of the exam will have a huge impact on our holiday mood. Unfortunately, I couldn’t pass last year and hope I won’t go through the same feelings twice. I wish the best to all CFA Level 3 candidates.

I was fasting too, Ramadan mubarak! A few more days left. I’m so glad Ramadan doesnt fall during the study months. I wouldn’t be able to get anything done while fasting.

I passed level 2, anyone taking level 3 next yr?

Farah.zia I am!!! I can feel the fail coming my way tomorrow…

Will you do haraam things during Ramadan if you pass? I would.

Allah is most forgiving!

+1 I’m all about that haraam! Well, I guess it’s good I’m not Muslim

Farah, I am taking next year L3 after passing L2 last month

Best of luck all level 3 candidates who sat in June. Wishing you best news

i don’t think i can fast for 12 hours like that… i have very low blood sugar i will passout before the result :slight_smile:

but good luck for those who are fasting, and do it safely!

Actually fastining is not as bad as it sounds. Maybe it’s easier for me to say because currently I live in Russia and the weather has been like autumn over here during the Ramadan, which made the fastining relatively easier.

Nana, in Russia, the fastning lasts about 18 hours, not even 12, but like I said, it’s not that hard in Russia compared to hot climate countries.

I am not planning to do anything haraam if I pass, just being happy is enough for me and my family.

I feel a bit ashamed that when doing umrah back in June i asked specifically that i can get CFA charter. my mom just burst out laughing. “of all things, in front of kaba, you ask for CFA? It must be very difficult then;” well… She doesnt know…

fasting here is 5 am to 6 pm. It is in dry (hot) months this year with temp 35-37 celcius so aircon malls are very very popular

mecca must be around 45 celcius now. Must be quite hard fasting from 4:30am-7pm in that temp.

Skipping a meal is quite hard in itself for most of us mate… Yes, so good luck to you folks!