Favorite financial newspaper in canada and in the US

i guess WSJ in the US and Globe and Mail in Canada? what do you guys think

I’ll have to go with: The Bismarck Tribune. Good business reports and analysis in there.

in terms of circulation in the US, you are right. WSJ is numero uno, then IBD is next. I prefer IBD big time.

Even though it is less focused on US, FT is still my bet. If I wanted to know what dark lord Murdoch thinks, I’ll just glance at the cover of the Post. Gotta have a global view of things.

what about magazines. what would your favorite magazine be for financial news? thx.

I wouldn’t be in business without the IBD. A solid 75% of my short ideas come form the IBD Top 100.

for magazines, i have about 60 bookmarked. best when short on time is business week, bloomberg, CFO.com, and smart money.