Favorite Level III Terms

If you picked up a catchy new term or phrase in your reading, post it here. I’ll start off with two:

- Ruin probability (from Private Wealth Management)

  • Disintermediation (from Portfolio Managment for Institutional Investors)

Congratulations! Pass

Cognitive dissonance

I’ve forgotten what disintermediation means, but if you’re goinng to bring up that word somewhere other than a library or classroom setting - good luck!

contingent immunization

Nothing beats “crack spread”

mental accounting

Ignore all forcasts

Intellectually Fit (Level III 2012 Volume 1 Ethical and Professional Standards, 5th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions p. 204).

oh this is going to be fun after being absent for 2 years from the beast…


A “rational economic man” in “back office” sees a “fallen angel” “strip” and then doing a “sandwich spread”. on a table…He thinks it is a “recallability trap” and assesses his “risk tolerance”. He does “stress testing” on the table, although not as “stationary” but it does “satisfice”. Keeping “Roy’s safety rule” in mind, he loosens his “collar”, “protective(ly) put” on a “cap” and starts the “exogenous shocks”.

From 2011, but…The “I was almost right” self defence mechanism.

The Friendly Follower!

Reading 14 From the human capital, asset allocation, and life insurance model… Ualive( ) and Udead( ) - the utility functions of the states living or dead The more I read from this chapter, the more utility I would gain from the state of being dead.

Crack spread…

kyacrotic method

Shrinkage factor

iceberg order