Favorite Posters

Since we’re not able to quickly/easily show how much we “LIKE” a post on this site (at least not yet, hint hint ), wanted to create a thread where we could show some appreciation and give a shout out to some of the better peeps here at AF.

#KeepUpTheGoodWork #AndThanks

STL – good voice of reason, would be hard *not* to chuckle and/or agree with 90% of his comments

S2000 – his contribution as an instructor across all 3 levels at AF would be nearly impossible to match

bchad – although some of his posts are almost tl;dr, he serves as a good moderator with fair explanations to support his thoughts/actions

Greenie – solid poster and thread starter from recent years

ohai – who doesn’t like this dude?

JBrowntown – glass half-full kinda guy

1BSM – most amusing one-liners, hands down

JDV – Hall of Famer from years ago who won’t be forgotten, R.I.P.

hippo – j/k

(Will continue to expand this list)

GoaB – a fellow Leykis 101 grad who knows how to reason

KMD – intelligent and witty gal, just one of the guys (excluding the obvious)

Isaiah – reminds me of my cool little bro

igor - lower case letters and humorous pictures

higgmond - dry humor at its best

STL, S2000, bchad, ohai. Probably forgetting others but im still waiting for my coffee to cool down enough to drink it as we are out of ice cubes :frowning:

I’d like to give a shout out to the most underappreciated posted on AF - Mobius Strip(tease).

I enjoy 100% of his posts and would like to chat about astrophysics with him sometime.

In no particular order:






Hashtag, you are pretty cool too. Keep it short!



Oops, wrong poster.

goes to eleven - AF veteran who checks on us from time to time

Destroyer of Worlds - well thought-out posts

Turd Fergeson - meditative

former trader - telling it like it is since 2007

Let’s take another shot at this.


igor - award for longest running poster without an avatar

I think IHIHM has him beat by quite a bit.

wow, IHIHM started 7 yrs 10 months ago… I still remember when brosef created that name, thought it was funny I thought Igor had been here longer … ok Igor wins by post count, IHIHM by time as a member

best avatar…CvM?

krnyc2008 - resident female; the voice of reason in a forum full of alpha wannabes

Twice the Man - shamelessly witty

Neryblop - young gun with good stories

ltj - patriot, attitude

frisian - good guy

rawraw - solid poster

klaudnine - good advice

busprof - glad to share valuable experience

infinitybenzo - like sharing his experience and advice

Where’s bromion/guestuser? Sucks he isn’t around anymore.

I was wondering the same thing.

momma i made it.

i really like cvm. he shared some funny detailed stories. hes my inspiration. lol