Favorite Winter Dark Leafy Green?

Some like Spinach, others Kale or Collard Greens, but my favorite is Bok Choy. What do you eat in the winter? Lettuce is such a cooling vegetable and not quite in season in the winter.

Hold on, I’ll consult the Bible and let you know.

i’ll have to go with swiss chard. can’t have a hearty but healthy soup without swiss chard. fact.

Clark Griswold, is that you?

It’s 4:20 somewhere


I have a great recipe for a spinach gratin.

Fresh is great, and steamed is great.

Canned is awful.

why choose? they’re all grrrrrrrreat.

i had a fantastic kale and sausage soup in a tomato broth couple weeks ago. ate it for 4 or 5 meals straight. fantastico.