FCFE = NI - (1 - DR) * (FCInv - Dep + WCInv) Equation

Sorry, this is probably a really basic question for most of you.

I keep getting confused about when and when not to use this equation. Can someone clarify what the appropriate context is for using this equation.

Is it just for forecasting? Is the hard and fast rule that you use this equation when they say “forecast FCFE” or do we use this when certain other information is missing?

You use this equation whenever you need to calculate FCFE and you are not given net borrowings.

If they need us to use this in forecasting, we’d be told company xyz maintains a target capital structure of X% debt and Y% equity … calculate FCFE in year 3.

Again, the missing item here will be net borrowings or details on how net borrowing may change in a forecast.

Got it, only use when there is not enough info given.

Thanks again for you help bloodline.


You are welcome man.

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