Hi Folks Can anyone remember what the last 2 parts of the afternoon FCFE question were about? Thanks in advance

Wasn’t one question related to projecting what FCFE would be in 2011, and the question gave you guidance for sales, depreciation, WC, FC, etc. I cant remember the answer choices AND the 2nd question I believe was determining the TV for 2010, when they gave you the value for 2011, and had to discount back the value. does that seem correct>

That’s correct.

yeah that rings a bell - cheers

was it fcfe1/r-g

alimesoda Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > was it fcfe1/r-g i believe that was correct, you didn’t need to calculate FCFE1 because it was given…

I remember I was thinking: am I sitting for L1 or L2? Cause it look so simple to me too. I’m wondering now what the catch was.