FCFF & Divs/Debt

There was a question in one of the mocks about the effects of company’s FCFF with issuance of new debt and establishment of a new dividend.

I know dividends don’t affect FCFF, but I thought new debt would since we add back the after-tax interest expense (Int exp* (1-T)) to NI (or CFO depending on what’s given). In other words, more debt issued -> higher interest expense.

The answer says neither has any effect on FCFF. And of course, Schweser’s answer explanation simply repeats the question and answer.

What’s the story here? Thanks!

The higher after-tax interest expense is included in NI so when you add back the interest expense, you eliminate the change in NI.

got it, thanks!

Instead of calculating FCFF (at least the first part) as NI + Interest, use the alternate formulation of EBIT x (1-t). Remember - FCFF is the cash flow that is distributable to either creditors or owners (debt or equity). So, it’s calcualted on a “pre fininancing” basis.