FCINv and WCInv - Corp Finance vs Equity

What’s the difference between the definition of WCInv and FCInv between these 2 sections. Is there a difference?

I believe WCInv is the same for both Corp Fi and Equity. Corp Fi also uses NWC WCInv = (total current assets - cash & equiv) - (total current - LT Current Portion - Notes Pay) NWC is simply the change in WCinv between non-cash current assets and non-debt current liabilities. I’ll have to circle back for FCInv

The WC for Corp Fi is pretty simple. Normally its just something stated and doesn’t need to be calculated. Its more of you treat it. It’ll say something like " At the start of the project inventory will be increased by 40k$…(later on) … assume inventory levels will decline after the project. So when you first start a project the initial cash used in year 0 will be increased by 40K and then cash flows will increased at the end of the project when the inventory is no longer needed.