February 2023 CFA level 3 exam results will be out in 24 hours!

Not sure if anyone sat for the level 3 exam today or is sitting for the exam this week or month. Just finished mine and wondering how everyone’s feeling.

My feeling - numb
Thoughts - exam was fair

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My personal opinion is that it was manageable if one had put in the hours and practiced thoroughly. It’s really what forums have been saying clocking in the hours and simulating 4-5 mocks.

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Agree! I still feel like no matter how adequately prepared you are, you still feel somewhat unsure until results are out.

I’m still nervous about it, even though I passed the exam in 2014!


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How was it?

Goodness, I don’t know…results out next week, fingers crossed

What date are results coming out? I cannot find the date anywhere. I do not feel good at all.

April 13th. You should have received an email