Fed Funds Rate Cut on Wed Oct 29

50bps or 75bps+?

Lowering rates screws those with savings accts and those who want mortgages. It should stay as it is.

The rate has gone from 5% to 1.50%, and now you think it will screw those with savings accounts and those who want mortgages? It’s a little late. So why not just cut %1.50 - probably won’t do too much anyways.

I bet 50bpts

Its really just a formality. The effective rate has been around 1.0% for nearly a month now.

How can it be 1% when banks are not lending to each other? I would think the effective rate is probably much higher than 1.5%…where do you read the 1% rate, salvaNJ?

For a while, it’s in 0.8 to 1.0 range I guess… So yea, I agree, cutting rate is just making it official.

FDFD in bloomberg.

I don’t know if another rate cut does anything. The FOMC should let things be.

NO WAY! There aren’t cutting crap. It won’t do anything and it hasn’t done anything so far with the prior cuts. If they cut now they dont have much room left. No cut.