Fed made a primary dealer buy S&P 500 futures

Sorry to rehash old stuff, but a well-respected Motley Fool poster opined that “Many investors, including me, believe that the Treasury/Fed directly intervened in the US equity markets by having a “primary dealer” buy SP 500 futures.”.

What is he talking about? Which dealer?

Edit: In March 2009 - the second time the stock market bottomed.

You talking about the Plunge Protection Team?

I have no idea what I am talking about smiley

I just read what he said, and wondered if anyone here had heard anything.


Good, my entire portfolio pretty much consists of SPY.

It’d help you you linked to the Fool article. (By the way, does anyone read that anymore?)

What you’re talking about sounds like what Zero Hedge has been saying for years. Basically, the Fed agrees to keep the money flowing to banks via QEx and in turn the banks bid up equities. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the gist of it.

ZH actually names some firms…Citadel being a major one.

Sorry, here you go: http://boards.fool.com/wendy-said-the-risk-is-high-of-a-sudden-crisis-30310198.aspx?sort=whole see #2.