I am getting fed up with Schweser’s lengthy cases…some run over 2.5 pages with crap, and then the questions do not even relate to the case.

To Schweser, size matters.

I’m actually much more frustrated with the CFA mock exams. They don’t even tell you explicitly what the answer is. I’m sitting here trying to derive which questions I *may* have gotten wrong, based on my score for each section, etc. Their explanations are useless - I don’t need a quote from the text!

Specifically, question 11 on mock 2: “…regulators frequently seek to balance various interests’ requests through a “share the pain share the gain” strategy, undermining all parties’ goals.” Damn straight that’s what they do. But the case only mentioned undermining two out of three potential parties. The text talks about the customers getting screwed over too, not just the industry and the government/regulator. So what’s the right answer? Would it kill them to make it just a little more helpful?

Oh man, another one. I’ll just keep on whining. Question 14. Under pooling method - are ROE and earnings higher “IN THE FUTURE”? What’s this “FUTURE”?? Next period? Yes, both are higher. After the extra assets have fully depreciated? No, both will be the same as under purchase method.

I’m with you Dimitrous. What a horrible testing system. They can at the very least show a separate page on the score report listing the answers that you got wrong so you can cross-reference. I guess the buyers don’t have any bargaining power on this one.

HFI index for CFAI is too high, lets take legal action…

I agree with you guys, I’m so wiped after reading the questions on Schweser that its tough to get through their practice exams… By any chance, have you taken a look at questions 43-48 or so in the 3rd morning exam, those questions are so fricking convoluted and wordy…