Fee payment from India (HELP!)

Hey everyone.

I have finally decided to register for the level 1 in June…but I have an issue regarding the payment of fees.

I am confused as to how the process of fee payment should be done . I live in India and am thus going to register from India…

I am planning to use my dad’s credit card to pay the fees…but i have never really paid for anything online via a credit card…

Firstly, is it safe? Because its a very large amount … Secondly, what exchange rate is used? is it a fixed rate?

Also, do I need to inform the bank before I use the card to pay the fees?

I think a bank wire would be best for me so that I dont have the to bear the hassle of using a credit card. But i have heard that a bank wire takes 15 days? :o true?

used credit card always.you need to inform the bank if the card does not have the requisite credit limit. It is better to call the bank before hand.

the exchange rate applicable is the prevailing rate on settlement date which may or may not be the transaction date. the conversion rate will at the rates provided by Visa, Mastercard etc as on settlement increased by a currency coversion factor which for my credit card is 3.50%.

It cost me around 40K INR when i registered.

Thanks! Anyone pay their fees via bank transfer???