Feedback Forum

Welcome to the new Feedback Forum! It’s been about a year since we switched over to the new site and most of the bugs have been flushed out. Now that they are, what would you like to see added or improved on AnalystForum?

Thanks for making AnalystForum a great community!

A mobile app would be good.

Strange. . . I can’t *like* this post :stuck_out_tongue:

The current forum classifications ( Water Cooler / Careers / CFA General Discussion / etc etc ) appear to be working well. Each subforum seems to have a moderate level of activity, which is nice.

I would like a mobile app too, at least for the CFA forums

I don’t like how the CFA Subforums (level 1 2 3) aren’t in the ribbon. It seems if you made CFA drop down into 3 seperate links, navigation would be consistent.

We need a VIP section and virtual bottle service to attract more HCBs to the forum.

A more mobile friendly site or even better an APP.

I’d like the ability to post math equations.

Hi Chad,

I have designed a lot of technical Use Cases for websites / GUI’s and developed Sequence diagrams for Financial banks. I see a very basic flaw in the screen flow.

Let’s say for example - I am not logged on yet, I am at an interesting CFA L3 topic / thread about Performance Attribution and there are already 16 replies to that thread, I would want to contribute my understanding of Global performance attribution (but remember I am not logged-in yet). So when I click on the 'Login" link on the top right corner, I am taken to the username and password credentials page, on entering those details and post verification / validation I am ALWAYS taken to my profile home page, which is a redundant loop / flow. The screen flow design should be such that post verification / validation it should take me back to the thread where I was at - The Performance Attribution thread on the CFA L3 forum. This will avoid 3/4 clicks per participant and help in site maneuverability.

The website cache should be intelligent enough to keep track of where I last left, before I wanted to log-in, instead of the person himself / herself keeping track of the same and losing focus about him/her contributing to that particular interesting discussion.

Other than that - The categorization is just about perfect with minimal overlaps and a FB like “like” or a Google like “+1” feature would definitely help as it’s a popular demand in here.

Thanks for creating such a great forum / community.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve added this feature. After you login it will re-direct you to the page you were on prior to logging in.

If that’s not possible, maybe Tapatalk support?

When a post is edited - either by OP or a mod - it should automatically say “Edited by “BSD” at 4:20 pm.”

Too often I see the “updated” mark next to a thread and have no idea why. Other times I read a thread again and swear OP subtly changed something but I can’t put my finger on it. It doesn’t help that I constantly feel like I’m going slightly insane. This feature would do wonders for my mental health.

As an aside, it’s proper netiquette for OPs to always say when they edited a post. Never happens here. Poor netiquette folks.

How about a button next to each post “See Past Versions” and you see every version of that post that was submitted to the board before the latest revision?

I really wish AF was on Tapatalk.


Ribbon links to “CFA1”, “CFA2” and “CFA3” would be handy.

The “AF Rewards” link could be chopped to make space.

I would like to see a private messaging function. Although I can appreciate this could be abused by people constantly private messaging the more generous posters such as s2000 for more ‘personal’ help. Therefore maybe add an option for individuals to choose if they want to be messaged.


As PRM designation gaining popularity, is it possible to open a seperate forum subsection for PRM?

a global of implementation of the spelling edit removal was cool is it equally hard to insert red squiggly lines below misspelled words? is there a license to a software you have to buy or something?

^haha yes. been saying this for years