Feedback I received from my latest interview

I recently interviewed at an investment firm/hedge fund for a Jr. Research Analyst position. One of the associate analysts (part of a 3-4 man research team) went to my school (State school with a top-100 business program…nothing special). I didn’t get the job, but received this feedback from him about my interview (I met with a Sr. Analyst and his associate analyst along with the COO. The shop is only about 15 people, but has a couple hundred million of AUM$. “They didn’t think you had the passion for picking stocks and the job. Other candidates were more polished - by that I mean (had previous careers, more knowledgeable about business in general and seemed better prepped for the interview. Lastly and this is between you and I - I think since someone in our office was kicked off the board at your school’s educational investment fund recently there may be some bitterness towards “ABC” university grads. Nothing to that effect was ever said but was just my gut feeling. Best of luck in future endeavors and if I can give you once piece of personal advice it would be to read an interview prep book…there is one out there for IBANKING that I read that really helped…i think its from the 80’s but don’t recall exactly.” Can anyone give me advice on how to become more “polished?” Also, does anyone have any great interview prep books to recommend? I’m seeking a Jr. Analyst position in either buy-side or sell-side equity research since most associate analyst positions go to people with either research or relevant industry experience. I’ll be taking on the Level II beast this June. Thanks.

Also, how does one convey their passion for research? I gave him a stock pitch on how much I liked Hansen Natural Corp (HANS) and showed him valuation models I did on PepsiCo.

robber 07, I hope things work out well for you, but perhaps you could offer me some help, since I’ll be in this position next week. I have an interview for a company that is not really buy-side or sell-side, but they are well known and provide equity research to thousands of investors and companies (I’m sure you’ve figured out who they are by now). The position is as entry level as it gets, so they know I have zero experience in research. What type of questions can I expect? They’ve already asked me to write a short research memo in a previous interview. How do I convince them that they should hire me based on my interest in the market and intelligence, rather than experience. BTW I passed level one, how much emphasis should I put on this? As for your question, I think maybe it’s just a matter of sounding upbeat and enthusiastic about what you’re saying. For me this comes easy, since I like picking stocks that I think are mispriced or undervalued, but if you’re not that excited about it, you just need to find a way to psyche yourself up. Maybe pitch a stock that doesn’t have a huge following and really blow them away with some unique ideas.