Feedback Needed

Background - Currently in the process of interviewing for an associate research position. I met with the director of research at a mmb over the weekend through a warm lead. Turns out we have a few mutual friends and it was more of a meet and greet than an interview. I’m also interviewing with the associate director of research tomorrow for a second round interview. HR asked for a sample of my work in my first round interview, at the time I was unable to send the model I’ve been working on as my firm is in the middle of a capital raise and this is sensitive info - the firm I’m interviewing and director of research was very receptive to this.

My question to you all - I’ve been working on a model since saturday and am looking for feedback. I’m not sure if I should even send it as it is a very crude model but I wanted to show the firm my framework, approach, and evidence I am capable of producing a comprehensive dcf model. Asking - can anyone take a few minutes to review and provide feedback? Is there any value in sending an unrefined model? I have three statements linked and forecasted - my valuation approach is very rudimentary and needs more attention.

Please advise, or provide email address if willing to review


I don’t have time to review, but do you have a copy of my model?

yes i do

actually shoot me a copy of your model. I’ll make some time to help you along. You got my email?

yes, just sent it over. thanks CVM

I’ll ask this to the AF Brothahood.

When forecasting financials, how do you go about troubleshooting when A does not equal L+OE? Usually it’s off a bit when I’ve modeled and I simply just cheat by throwing the difference into equity. Is there a proper way to make this work?

Email it to me

thanks bro

ah that’s a no no. it’s usually better to legitimately fix it now then one day realizing it spiraled into an ugly problem

^ I know that. How do you go about legitimately fixing it?

no way to tell without literally looking at the line items.

Is this a test?

My green coated two cents nonetheless:

If its in Excel, Solver is probably the tool I’d use.

To determine which direction to sniff into in terms of locating the discrepancy/ies, I’d start with the magnitude of the difference. Depending on the size, between common size and verus BS, the nature of the business, statement formats can give you a probable oversight on where to start. But without seeing the real thing, its hard to start on how to use the solver tool.

This is very interesting…Hope I passed though I didn’t give a real constructive answer.

anyone else care to review?

I can take a look, but I can’t guarantee anything since I’m also a green with babyfat all around…I will pm you my email…

interview went well. current firm bumped my salary after year-end review. do I reach out with updated info or wait until next step of the process?

please advise.


CvM would you mind providing me a copy of your model?