Feedback on buying the printed CFAI books.

Hey everyone,

So I know that there are threads disscussing the relevance of using CFAI or third party materials… thats not what this post is about… I passed L1 using both and I will continue with this combo. My question is: would you recommend paying the $150 extra to have the printed copies sent to you rather than using the ebook version? I just used the ebook version for L1 and it was managable but not really convenient… Since L2 is more difficult I predict that I will be relying on these books more and am really considering buying the printed copies. All feedback would be awesome!


definitely. The wide margins are there for notes.

Definitely yes! It is very helpful and I bought the books for both, level 1 and 2.

I used the Ebook for L1 and didn’t enjoy it. My physical books for L2 just arrived yesterday and I can already tell I will enjoy them more. The sheer frustration of those section numbers was enough to make me switch.

Aha, no kidding! going back and forth was time consuming! Roughly how long after you registered did you recieve the books and does the institute give you access to the ebook while you`re waiting?? I dont mind reading ethics from a comupter…

I still havent registered as I am waiting until Sept when I get paid, plus I would rather have the cash and not let the CFAI hold it for extra time. You can order the text without registering but you have to call them. I called 8/7, takes them a few days to process the actual order, a day or two to actually ship, then like 2 days to receive the books to NYC.

If you register you will have access to the Ebook as soon as your order is processed, before you get the books. Like with L1 though, Im saving eithics for last.

I recieved my books within a week each time. They even sent me a check to refund shipping for whatever reason last year.

In regard to ethics - I would be careful not to bundle it with L1 ethics. Even if there arent new readings it is a whole new beast. Look at the ethics scores in the 2015 results thread. Hit it twice at a minimum. There are so many points there that you dont want to leave behind and it isnt that long.

I always start with ethics and keep a constant level of study. I will usually test myself with practice questions more often than the other topics… I find that the material is more condusive to studying while you study other readings than most other topics… like studying FRA and Equity at the same time is not as easy or as helpful as doing FRA and then doing a 30 minute qbank test on ethics just to stay sharp.

worth the money man. no better way of looking at a new set of books and then using and abusing them till THE DAY.

Ya, didn’t order them last year, very glad I did this year. Will make reviewing EOCs much easier.


I DID IT! they are (hopefully) being shipped as we speak.

Happy prep everyone!.

GET THEM as soon as you can!!

i find physical books a lot easier to study and less taxing on the eyes. i did not use the physical books for L1, but i got them for L2 as I’ve heard that the materials are tougher and more in depth. get them!