Feedback on Q-Bank for LIII?

I’ve never used the Q-Bank before. Has anyone used it on LIII yet? What do you think? Are there essay questions? Are there questions written in the same format that we’ll see on exam day?

I’ve sworn by the q-bank for one and two. For level III i don’t know if there are essay questions but 1/2 the exam is MC anywaz and the knowledge to answer these correctly still can be transfered to essay structures if you study properly.

Agree with strikershank. While I’ve found that the qbank questions are not representative of the types of questions found on the exam (level I & II), they are still useful for learning the material/concepts that can be transfered come time for the real exam. I find it useful that after reading and making notes on everystudy session, I print out 60 random questions of various difficulty levels and work through them. I find that this is a good review of the material/test of how much I’ve actually retained. Plus it gives me immediate feedback for what sections I’ll need to spend more time with once I make a first pass of all of the material.

I love the q bank and know that it was a key to my L I and II success. That being said, I have noticed that the q-bank is ridiculously easy for level III on both a relative basis to past levels and on an absolute basis. Bottomline: its a nice little check after finishing an los or ss but I know there is much more question work to be done this time around.

I have yet to encounter any essay questions in SS4 through 6. the advanced questions are vignette MC. I have noticed that some of the answers are subjective, thus validating the benefit of essay responses.