Feedback on this portfolio?

Would appreciate some feedback on the fixed income allocation. Yield is 4.15% and fees of 0.38% → Why would you not just dump this and buy 6 month treasury or HY muni?

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At least it ain’t 25k shares of PLTR

I’m actually not following the bond market. Are quality spreads tightening or widening? 4% treasury rates is still below long term averages of 6% imo. I think.

What’s the holding period? If it’s long enough (> 4 years), even I bonds might be better

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Actually that’s a great idea.

This is the time to buy 20-30y bonds and hold for a year or two until rates come back to 2% or less.
On the other hand, there are a lot of depreciated stocks that are priced for a sure recession and beaten down techs. However, the risk of choosing bad there is high, probably a basket of 20-30 stocks and low leverage would do better than bonds in a 2 years timespan.

Yep I diversified to roughly 34 stocks. I removed all etf indexes now. Im all in my stock picking ability lol