Feelin' Good

Just dominated reading 47 - Cash Flow Valuation. I actually enjoyed this section because this directly relates to my current job (though I am still getting up to speed on the modeling aspect). Nevertheless…I love the study sessions when everything clicks and you remember why it is that you are putting yourself through the torture. Keep at if AF’ers…its all worth it in the end. -JB future BSD

on the same section and i’m feeling the pain of it (don’t use it in my job at all). there were 25 schweser questions at end of chapter, so now through them i feel a bit better, but that section took me some serious time. i’ve completely slacked this week and went to utah skiing instead, but i’m back now and will try to finish up SS12 in schweser with price multiples today. i want to say i’m almost seeing a light at the end of the equity tunnel. the skiing was fantastic.

also at the end of equity valuation. cash flow valuation was ok, not great as i haven’t memorized all of the equations so they are not second nature yet. i strangely enough actually got hung up on residual income valuation, but i think another run through will help. i hate getting schweser concept checkers wrong and i got a few wrong after the residual income section… why does june feel not so far away? good luck people. 65 degrees or so outside and i’m not playing golf. cruel.

20 degrees here = might as well be wasting my weekends cause nothing better to do

I think it should be good. I read the section on mergers and acquisitions and enjoyed reading it. It’s refreshing to read something that you actually enjoy rather then statistics and autocorrelations etc.

god, reading where everyone is makes me depressed… not really motivated. oh wells…

PM is the worst…

This stuff isn’t that bad. I am about 20x more motivated for L2 than I was for L1… I am SO glad that I passed L1. How much would it suck to be reading the same crap all over again?

I’m about 20x less motivated for lvl 2 than lvl 1 … think you might have my motivation

I’m with you McLeod. I am way more motivated for Level 2. I think it’s partially because I’m on a high from passing Level 1 and I have figured out how best to go about my studying. I’m done with Ethics and Quant and didn’t find them challenging. There’s really not that much you need to know about Quant if you break it down. It looks way more challenging than it is.

I agree Prossetti, just finished quant this past weekend. I decided to take some note cards of the formulas and some of the time series stuff - in the end, I only had around 20 cards for quant. I hope the rest of the studying is this painless…I don’t think it will be though :slight_smile:

I was doing well all the way through Quant but time series… may have been burnt out but simply didn’t know what they were talking about.

I am done with 4 out of 5 books as of yesterday. Running 1 month ahead of schedule. No doubt, the subject matter for Level II is much more captivating than Level I. Trying to put together Level II theories with the Demodaran valuation spreadsheets and Wall Street Prep course now.

I haven’t started yet, planning on Wednesday as a start date.