feelin vulnerable n i rarely do

in my life i have never done thins which r so nonsensical if it was not for the way i was feelin abt this… i dun feel vulnerable and i specially dun share it well this trivial cliche jazz that i m ready to indulge in because i know how useless i wil feel if i dunt get this right this time i m not sayin that i m the tight ass who does everythin right but i ll be one screwed up piece of ass if i do this one wrong :wink: it says 6:03 IST seems nice…digits are comin the full circle 6.30 IST result 27mins thats my birthdate :wink: more trivial stuff

i m feelin just as i was born naked wet (almost peein in my pants…mentally have) hungry and wailing tooo :wink:

…hold me…

:wink: thanks