Feeling Anxious about the Exam?

Hey everyone,

Is it just me or does anyone feel the same way? I’ve been going through questions in my head and remembering stupid mistakes that I’ve made. I’m talking about making mistakes on questions I can do in my sleep. It’s killing me, but at the same time I realize that errors are to be expected for such a long and tough exam. I did the exact same thing for Level I, where I constantly doubted whether I had a chance to pass or not. Is anyone else going through the same thing?

I think half the people on this board are doing the same thing (including myself). Why else would we be on this board talking about an exam that already happened??? The four to five questions I didn’t know aren’t bothering me. Rather the two equity calculations that I missed just quickly doing the calculation w/o thinking bother me more than anything.

We both need to move on but that’s more easily said than done. I for one am going to book a vacation.

Absolutely. I had my girlfriend change my Schweser password and hide my books Saturday morning because I remember racing home to check my answers and getting upset when I missed one or two QM questions on a 240-question test!

So what do I do this year? I downloaded Virtual Bookshelf on my iPad and searched for other answers online…I’m sick, dude.


I have not opened any books or material since I left the exam room on saturday and I have no plan to do so. there is nothing I can do about the exam right now, but I think about a couple of mistake I did once in a while. hopefully the next book I open will be the L3 material…knock on wood…

You haven’t done it because you’re confident that you’ve passed. The rest of us aren’t. I studied relatively hard and I’m still thinking I failed. I likely did. Probably. Definitely. FML.

i want result come asap

Need a pass to apply for new jobs

I’ve been trying to look up questions but the problem is I forget parts of the question. There was actually an ethics question that I looked up afterwards, found the answer to and said “Oh yeah, I figured that. Now, was that the answer I picked? I can’t even remember!”

If it reconfort you, I am not confident that I pased; I just did my best. I am just sick of these books, and have no energy to go back and even glance at it…I usually don’t waist time on stuff that I can’t control, but like I said there are 3 question that I am thinking about once in a while not because they were tough but because they were easy and I think that I got them wrong. Guys let’s get our lives back we are clearly slave of this stupid exam…