Feeling burnt out...need MOTIVATION

My heads hurts, I can’t think anymore. I know repitition is key but I feel like I am studying all this material and it is not soaking in. What is keeping you guys motivated for this last week as I feel like I am burnt out and might just use this exam as practice until I take it again next year. I am trying to remain positive, but it is pretty hard at this point. Need some tips and last minute motivation please!

I was like that few days ago. IMO the only thing you can do for yourself is to rest and to study less the next one-two days. I know you are thinking “no way, I have too much work to do” but at some point it won’t be productive. You’re going to retain more this way.

Think about how you feel right now and imagine feeling that way for at least two more years. Like really think about how miserable you will be studying this same material next year.

There is no reason you can’t pass this year. Just lay out what you need to work on and do blue boxes, EOCs and write down all the formulas again and again. There are only 4 more real days to do this, now is not the time to give up.

Yep, your head hurts, you can’t think anymore. Do you want to give up?

This goes through everybody’s head. When you manage to keep going… it reinforces the whole idea that not everybody can put in this amount of work. Not everybody can pass these exams. If you want to be among those that do, then embrace how much the studying sucks. If it were easy you wouldn’t even bother.

And once you put in hundreds of hours - once you grind out thousands of problems - guess what: random people on the street won’t care. You can’t brag about it. If they haven’t taken the CFA they wouldn’t even understand the effort required. Their frame of reference will be an accounting 101 course they struggled with back in college. The pride you’ll have for finishing these exams is for yourself only. Don’t disappoint yourself.

Thanks guys, much appreciated. Feel free to continue for the others that want to chime in.

I’m with you… Did about 4 hours today with the CFAI PM mock and a review of the answers… calling it quits for today. Planning on putting in at least 8 hour days tomorrow through thursday.

After going really hard for a few days, I took a full day break yesterday. Went to a friend’s wedding, it was nice to get away, spend some time outside and realize that um… there are like a billion things in life that matter more than a stupid test.

Slept in this morning and came into today with a clear head and I’ve been doing remarkably well on the practice assessments.

Guess my point is, study hard but give yourself breaks and take it easy on yourself.


just think about all the pain/suffering/humiliation if you fail. and have to repeat it all again next year.

that should be motivation enough no?

If you genuinely feel any of those things because you didn’t pass a very difficult exam you need to get your priorities checked. Yikes.

I felt the same way this afternoon – I was going through CFAI practice assessments and couldn’t even remember the paragraph I was just reading. Made lots of silly mistakes with forumlas too. So I logged out, switched off, went to the gym, had dinner with the family and cleared my head. Feeling a lot better now and ready for a final push Monday to Thursday. Taking a break was worth it.

I took a break too during the day…but to do some work so there goes burnout relief. But speaking of burnout, you’ll have all the luxury to be burnt out in a week. Finish line approaches c’mon now.

They can seriously throw in a bunch of nitty gritty details and throw off your game during the exam.