Feeling like "I am lost"

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Buckle down, keep doing questions.

time to consolidate what u have learnt. do questions to understand concepts

I know the feeling!

I have just spent the last 6 hours on Gips & ethics, I am so fried I couldn’t even remember my sign on to this forum!

Just get stuck in, it will be over soon!

assuming light studying remainder of today and on Friday, we’ve got 4 full study days to make a difference.

ss2014, i feel ya. i get discouraged and freak out when i head to bed every night. the only thing we can do is make each day count. whether you’re scoring 50s 60s or 90s on mocks, we have 4+ days to freshen up on what we’ve reviewed… if you make each day count you’ll be miles ahead on test day from where you are right now.

Summarize the whole curriculum into lists and formulas

im in the exact same boat. i feel like i remember nothing. this happened last year and i ended up failing although my understanding of the material is way better than last year…