Feeling low , plz help !!!

Hey fellas , I have given around 10 full length papers on Schweser QBank (Pro) and my scores r just not improvin , I started with 72% , then got 78% thrice and now m back in 71-72% range.I just don’t know how to improve , the sectional scores vary with every exam !!! Regards, Gaurav

isnt that a good thing? it shows you were to improve

but sectional scores vary like nything so I dont know which isection 2 concentrate on, and that too I have jus 14 days …how much shud I get on Schweser Pro …I create test having Advance+Intermediate+Basic ques ?

Gaurav, I’m a level III candiate who passed level’s I & II on the first shot. Your practice scores are right on target. I wouldn’t worry to much, on the other don’t slack off on your studies your in the final streach. Just keep your head down. Don’t forget about ethics it could make or break you…

What are 10 full length papers? You have taken 10 full 6 hour exams? 60 hours of practice exams?

thanx mzwerner !!! , projectplatnyc I meant 10 , 3 hrs papers.